Property Law & Conveyancing Services

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- General property advice.

- Advice on the acquisition and sale of immovable property, including commercial, residential and industrial property.

- Advice and registration of security in respect of movable property and in particular Covering Bonds, Notarial Bonds, Surety Bonds.

- Advice on the drafting and preparation of all Leases, including Notarial Leases, long-term leases for residential, industrial and commercial properties.

- Advice on and transfers of shares, interests and claims in share block schemes.

- Advice in respect of Ante nuptial contracts.

- Opening of Sectional Title Registers and registration of Sectional Title Schemes and variations of existing schemes and registration of Sectional Title transfers and bonds.

- Transfer of freehold and leasehold properties. Land subdivisions and consolidations.

- Township development and sub-division Applications.

- Registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds and notarial bonds.

- Advice on and attending to Notarial Tie Agreements and Property Consolidation Applications.

- Advice on personal and praedial servitudes and Usufructs and the registration of the applicable Notarial Agreements.

- The drafting and registration of Trust Deeds.

- Conducting property searches in respect of individuals, Companies, Close Corporations and Trusts.

- Drafting and providing advice on all property related contracts and litigation.

- Specialist advice to liquidators and executors in respect of immovable property.

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