Nedbank Bonds

We aim for phenomenal turnaround times and high quality customer service.

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- On further bonds, we contact the client on the date on which the instruction is received and have the documents ready for signature within hours of receiving the client's identity and marital status documents.

- We generally receive the original title deed from Nedbank within 3 to 4 working days and are therefore ready to lodge in the deeds office within 4 – 5 days after receiving the instruction.

- On new bonds, we are dependant on the transferring attorney. However, we follow up with them on a daily basis to speed up the process and ensure as speedy a turn around time as possible.

- We email out regular progress reports, at least once a week, and whenever something happens on the file.

- The progress report is emailed out and copied in to all interested parties so that everybody involved in the transaction is constantly aware of the progress in a transaction.

- We go out of our way to ensure that the client's experience in registering a Nedbank Bond is an efficient, understandable process and so quick and painless that they will not hesitate to register further bonds in the future.

At Galbraith Attorneys the focus is on excellent, efficient and expeditious service and an understanding that communication is the keystone in building enduring relationships with our clients.